Hojoki Integrates Google Drive Into Its Cross App Collaboration Platform

Google Drive has just been into Hojoki's platform, which aims to make all your cloud apps work as one.

Hojoki has integrated Google Drive into its platform. Since launch last December, Hojoki has added 7 new apps, this brings the total number of supported apps to 17. Hojoki is the startup that solves the problem of information fragmentation by providing a unified newsfeed of activities from cloud apps like Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote and many more.

Hojoki has just released its integration of Google Drive. This brings the total number of apps integrated to 17. 

Hojoki aims to bring you what G+ might be in a few years: a complete social newsfeed to show you what’s going on in Google Drive and, which of your collaborators has changed something.

Hojoki incorporates many other apps into its newsfeed, such as Google Drive competitor Dropbox, as well as Google Calendar, Zendesk, Evernote, Highrise, Github, CloudApp and lots of others. The free service allows you to create workspaces on top of your private newsfeed to collaborate with others based on the activities of all the integrated apps. This way you can build your team’s command center on top of your favourite productivity tools.

About Hojoki

Hojoki (www.hojoki.com) was founded in Chemnitz/Germany (March 2011) and launched its public beta in December 2011. Lead by the CEO and Co-Founder Martin Böhringer, the company now has 8 employees. Based on its strong roots in research, with 3 team members having a PhD, the company’s goal is to leverage cutting-edge technology to integrate cloud apps into a joint work environment.

"It's so great to have Google Drive already integrated into Hojoki. We've been waiting for its release and worked hard to integrate it into Hojoki within 24 hours of its release. A goal we're proud to have achieved." Martin Böhringer, CEO of Hojoki
About Hojoki

Hojoki makes all your cloud apps work as one. To do this, it provides a unified inbox to cloud apps like Google Docs, Dropbox, Highrise and many more. This solves the problem of information fragmentation across numerous cloud apps. Hojoki keeps you on the same page as your collaborators, informing you whenever anything is changed in any app from your cloud.